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Creative Design



Logo Design & Branding

Powerful branding distinguishes your business with a compelling visual identity in order to make an impact in your industry.


Print Design

We design print collateral for every occasion: magazine ads, billboards, business cards, trade shows and more, giving your business an impact you can leave behind.


Website Design

Build audience trust with a world-class website. Users shouldn’t just visit your website; they should love your website. We differentiate companies by raising the bar on digital branding.


Mobile Design

Stay ahead of the crowd. Our mobile apps are designed for maximum impact, breaking convention and creating demand for your business.

Get to know us!

At Chicos Media we have gathered a talented team of digital strategists, designers, developers, marketers, communications specialists, project managers and business developers to work in a collaborative manner on our client projects. We build on each other’s expertise, working together in teams to generate great outcomes for projects.

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What makes our company great?

That is simple. It’s the people. The team members at  Chicos Media are some of the most creative, dedicated and dependable people you’ll ever meet. With certainty, the kind of people you’d love to work with.

How we do?

We focus on our clients’ business goals and deliver on measurable solutions for business growth and greater brand loyalty. Before   starting any project, we dive into our clients’ business to understand their value and market place.  We then provide customized solutions that are tailored to generate results.


Our Experience

Some of our lucky numbers, our experiences. How good we are and What do we offer...

Web Design

Logo Design


Happy Face


What we offer is our best. We promise you that we will do what we are best at. Check out our services and find the one you want...

Responsive Website Development

Your site should perform on desktops, tablets and smartphones. We develop websites that work, and look great, across every platform.

Mobile Development

Having a mobile-optimized site is more important than ever. Our mobile development team makes your business relevant to customers on-the-go.

Social Media Marketing

We live in a world where practically everyone is online at some point. If they aren’t at home on their computers, they’re logged in to a library computer, or on their smartphones, or on laptops in coffee shops. It’s too presumptuous to say that everyone in the world has access to the Internet, but there are enough people online to make social media networks excellent tools for all types of marketing and advertising campaigns.

Television Advertising Services

Advertising on TV offers a number of benefits to businesses by incorporating sound, images and movement to make the whole package interesting for consumers.

In addition, cable advertising allows businesses to target very specific geographic areas at a lower cost than major network advertising.

One of the benefits of TV advertising is its ability to communicate with a very large audience. Considered a form of mass media, TV ads work!

Radio Advertising Servies

Radio broadcasts have been called the theater of the mind, and advertising fuels the media.

The benefits of using radio for advertising are many.

•Ranging from its effectiveness to its low cost.
•Well to attract attention,
•Generate awareness and establish preference for products and services. 

Outdoor Advertising Services


Unlike other mediums, outdoor advertising does not need to be invited in. Outdoor advertising is part of the environment, therefore cannot be turned off like television and radio. The viewer has no control on whether they see it or not giving your campaign more impact for a longer period of time than the viewer may expect.


Outdoor stands alone so it doesn’t have to compete with other ads like other mediums. Often big in size, outdoor advertising makes itself very visible at both close and large distances. They tend to also be creative and expressive which tends to gain more attention amongst consumers.

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